The 10 most beautiful places to visit in the United States

The 10 most beautiful places to visit in the United States


Are you planning to visit the United States? Get ready to live one of the most beautiful trips of your life!

1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Composed of fifty states and as large as seventeen times the size of France, the American territory is the country of road trips par excellence. With its 6 million kilometers of roads, you will be transported to Far West settings, red rock canyons, lush tropical forests, impressive swamps, imposing mountain peaks and sandy beaches. His nickname “America the beautiful” is well deserved.

It is home to the Grand Canyon massif with its stunning layers of red rocks, witnesses to a long history of geological development.

The best way to contemplate the canyon is to take the hiking path named Rim trail, you will thus reach several exceptional points of view.

2. New York

This eclectic megalopolis is packed with historical, tourist, and cultural landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building , Times Square , Central Park , and exudes a unique atmosphere not found in any other American city. To fully immerse yourself in this New York culture, book your tickets to attend a Broadway musical for more information visit our travel blog .

3. Monument Valley

Fans of westerns and John Wayne movies, you can’t miss a stop at Monument Valley , one of the most emblematic landscapes and one of the most beautiful in the American West. Located on the border between Utah and Arizona, you can meander on a 27 kilometer trail, between sandstone mounds, geological formations called mesas and panoramic views.

4. Route 66

Baptized in 1926 and 3943 kilometers long, Route 66 or Mother Road (the mother road), crosses the United States from east to west and connects Los Angeles, California to Chicago , Illinois.

At the time of its creation, this famous road made it possible to promote immigration to the west. Today crisscrossed by enthusiasts, you can see villages, service stations, period restaurants classified as historical monuments.

5. Yellowstone

A trip to the United States is not complete without a visit to Yellowstone Park . Established in 1872 and covering more than 3,500 square kilometers of wilderness, Yellowstone was the first park in the world to be designated a national park. It is renowned for its wildlife, waterfalls, rainbow colored hot springs and legendary geysers that regularly erupt such as Old Faithful.

6. The Golden Gate Bridge

Located at the mouth of San Francisco Bay, the famous red bridge has become the emblem of California. Inaugurated in 1937 to connect San Francisco and Marin County, this bridge still fascinates today for its modernity and elegance. 2.7 kilometers long and built 67 meters above the waters of the bay, you can cross the Golden Gate Bridge by car, bike or on foot.

7. The Everglades

The Everglades swamps are definitely a must do when you plan to visit the United States. At the southern tip of Florida, you can observe over 6000 km2 the incredible floral and animal diversity of the Everglades National Park, reputed to be the largest subtropical wilderness area on the North American continent. Climb aboard an airboat and meet protected animal species such as alligators, manatees or turtles.

8. The United States Capitol

Located in Washington DC, and surmounted by a golden dome, the United States Capitol is a symbolic place for Americans. Built from 1793, the building that serves as the seat of Congress has become the emblem of the legislative power of the United States and of democracy for more than two centuries. The Capitol as well as its Dome can be visited free of charge and allow you to tame American History.

9. Antelope Canyon

What to do in the United States if you are looking for an exotic site? When you decide to visit the United States, do not miss Antelope Canyon , the most photogenic place in the country.This geological marvel, sculpted by the wind and by torrential rains, can only be discovered through guided tours.

10. The French Quarter in New Orleans

A trip to the United States is not complete without having walked through the atypical and picturesque streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans , founded in 1718. Nicknamed the old square, it reflects the French and Spanish influence through its architectural heritage. and culinary. Live a unique experience by walking the cobblestone streets of the French Quarter to find the colonial houses with their wrought iron balconies and their flowery patios.