Going on honeymoon the day after the wedding

Going on honeymoon the day after the wedding


Don’t you want this magical day to come to an end? Why not go on your honeymoon directly after your wedding celebration?

Here are 4 good reasons to take off right after your wedding!

-To follow the tradition  :

Indeed, the tradition has long been to leave once the wedding has been celebrated in order to visit family, then it was an opportunity for the newlyweds to discover this new life together that was offered to them  see the eiretrip attractions .

-To meet between happy newlyweds and be romantic until the end:

Who has never seen that famous romantic film in which the two lovers flee by taking the first flight to a dream destination? This is the perfect opportunity to reunite just the two of you after all these emotions, be it apprehension, excitement or great moments of happiness…Why not recharge your batteries, relax and regain your forces under the sun, on a beach of fine sand…or even, in the mountains, around a landscape covered with its white coat? You can organize a whole schedule of activities to do as a couple, whether it’s scuba diving, a cruise, a helicopter ride, massage sessions, hikes… Leave room for your imagination to create memorable memories!

-To prevent the honeymoon from being eternally postponed, at the risk of never leaving:

This is far too often the case! Once the wedding is over, the daily routine slowly reappears with work, children and all the appointments that are added to your calendar without you even noticing them. Planning to leave just after your wedding means being sure to be able to prolong this magical moment as newlyweds, to take advantage of this moment and these few days when you discover yourself in a whole new role: that of husband, and woman.

-A good gift idea for her wedding:

Indeed, you could very well replace the traditional wedding list by telling your guests that you plan to go on a nice trip instead! For this, you can provide an urn in the form of a suitcase for example, a small birdcage, or other depending on your wedding theme, with a small sign to explain your project in two or three words.

As a bonus, here are some destination ideas for your honeymoon:

-Iceland, for an exotic trip.

-The United States  : the opportunity to take a little road trip?

-Brazil, with its Amazonian forest for the adventurous soul or its beaches for those who prefer the sweetness of life and relaxation.

-The Maldives, to take it easy while basking in the sun in front of a turquoise sea.

-Italy, and its city of lovers, Venice.

-New Zealand, for breathtaking landscapes.

-Africa: would you like a little safari?

-A cruise: what better way to find yourself alone in the world?

-Bali, to discover temples, mountains and rice fields.