Tricks to Boost Your SEO Game in 2023

Tricks to Boost Your SEO Game in 2023


SEO keeps you engaged in aligning your web content or website with what Google seeks. We know that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the only way to bring your website to the top of the first page of the Google search. But as the algorithm of Google frequently changes unexpectedly, it flings a wrench in your business strategy.

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Since there is no way to control the rapid changes in the algorithm, we can use some SEO tactics to proceed with the best practices. We have presented a collection of result-driven tactics that will help you improve the rankings of your websites. Moreover, these tactics will make it easier for you to make your website future-proof against inexorable changes by Google.

For achieving a profound command of SEO we have categorized tactics into technical and on-page categories. So, without further ado let’s dive right into the blog.

Tricks for Best On-Page SEO

On-pageSEO tactics are the perfect remedies for you if you are more into making rapid and impactful changes. Following are some of the essential SEO tactics you should consider while developing strategies for your website in 2023. Let’s try these out!

1. Target Long-Tail Keywords (LTK)

Long-tail keywords are rather more specific and longer compared to the typical target keywords. However, these keywords often have lesser search volume and are very useful than shorter keywords. According to recent research, about 91.8% of all searches were for the log-tail keyword which is undoubtedly a massive change in the internet.

  • How LTKs help Websites Dominate SEO with Google

Primarily the target long-tail keywords have greater search intent because of being more specific. That’s why these keywords can narrow down your reader to the action you desperately want them to take while exploring your website. Moreover, as these keywords are in low search volumes they tend to have lesser competition. Thus, long-tail keywords can help your website easily reach a high rank.

  • How You Can Effectively Leverage LTK ?

If you want to efficiently take leverage from long-term keywords in the content on your website, you don’t need to go for extensive efforts. However, the best practice is the sensible placement and utilization of the long-term keywords you have chosen for your content. Make sure you are not loading your content with multiple long-tail keywords. Otherwise, the results will be the opposite of what you have expected.

2. Use Keywords in Alternative Text (Alt Text) for Images

Alternative text which is commonly known as an Alt text is nothing but a squat description for an image you use on your website. For improving the Google ranking Alt text is one of the important factors which provide sound results.

  • Where Can You Use Alt Text on Your Website?

There are three key uses of Alt Text which are briefly discussed below.

  • Context: Alt text helps in offering context to users while it is difficult to load an image onto the page.
  • SEO (Search engine optimization): Alt text is used by SEO crawlers to properly index an image on the website. Even Google has acknowledged the significance of Alt text for SEO.
  • Accessibility: Last but not least is the accessibility Alt text offers to visually impaired users. Such users can listen to the Alt text using a screen reader because it will read the Alt text out loud.

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However, with the fastest accessibility of internet, Google’s algorithm has also become more reachable. It has shown how much importance has been given to SEO for optimizing the accessibility of websites for users. Therefore, you should also work on taking the optimal benefits of SEO to make your website more accessible and thus attract more traffic.

3. Use Keywords in the Headers of the Content

It is best to signal the users that the content on your website is fully satisfying the intent behind specific search terms. The way a TOC (table of content) gives context to readers, headers containing keywords work in a similar way for search engines.

Around 36% of SEO experts say it is a good practice to place keywords in the headers.However, it does not mean you use it even if does not fit in or make any sense. Therefore, we would like to suggest you check out recommendations of Google and user experience before finalizing a place for the keywords in the headers. Moreover, try to avoid keyword stuffing whether it is for the body of content or headers at all costs.

Tactics for Effective Off-Page SEO

1. Avoid Any Possible Spam Backlinks

Backlinks are among the key factors for achieving a high ranking on Google. However, the quality of backlinks is the actual concern here. The quality of backlinks has become a pivotal element today. Therefore, it is important to get rid of possibly spam backlinks if you want to reach the target rank for your website on Google.

Various websites are unable to receive organic traffic through Google. We can say that around 91% of the websites are still far from getting organic traffic even after having the best quality content and effective utilization of both long-tail keywords and typical keywords in the body and headers of the web content. The reason behind it is that these websites do not contain even one backlink on any of their web pages.

If you don’t want to have the same fate for your website, we advise you to eliminate spam backlinks and use genuine backlinks for your web pages.

2. Focus on Your Brand

Over the years, Google has shown significant interest in branding because of its emphasis on providing users genuine information from a trustworthy source. This trend has made it crucial for you to build your brand if you want to increase your ranking for your website.

You can boost your revenue higher than expected if you consistently represent your brand across all social media platforms. Moreover, this tactic will make it convenient for you to increase customer loyalty and present your values. You can increase the customers’ loyalty to your brands incredibly. Around 89% of customers have shown loyalty to the brands that are consistently showing their values.

The Bottom Line

Follow these tactics to get your desired ranking for your website like a pro. However, if you want to learn more about SEO you can explore other tips recommended by SEO experts. But for achieving the best position and sound visibility for your website on the internet it is better to look for a strong and reliable internet connection as well.

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