Revature Reviews Underline the Valuable Partnership of the Company With Service Now

Revature Reviews Underline the Valuable Partnership of the Company With Service Now


Revature is the largest employer of entry-level technology talent in the United States. A while back, this company announced that it had joined the Service Now Partner Program. Revature reviews mention that this technology talent development company would help both Service Now customers and partners. Revature shall provide them with the talent pipeline required by them to effectively power their digital transformation initiatives. In the United States, Revature is the only Authorized Talent Placement Partner for Service Now.

Revature reviews briefly discuss its partnership with Service Now

The competition for well-qualified tech talent has increased substantially in recent years, owing to the acceleration of digital transformation in companies across industries. This trend has led to an increase in skills shortage, thereby making it difficult for companies across the planet to recruit and retain skilled and trained employees. Revature focuses on eradicating such issues. They leverage their proprietary talent development program to train and certify a diverse pool of qualified candidates in the Service Now Platform. These candidates are subsequently provided with a career pathway to Fortune 500 companies. The Revature program shall be built on Service Now’s approved training content and infrastructure. This program would aim at equipping emerging talent with certifications in skills that are in high demand in the current IT landscape.

Service Now is an American software company based in Santa Clara, California. This company develops a cloud computing platform that helps organizations of varying types to manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. Today more than 6,200 enterprise customers use Service Now’s cloud-based platform and solutions to solve many of their biggest challenges. Their enterprise customers include a large number of Fortune 500 companies as well. With Service Now training, certification, and career placement, Revature strives to bridge the talent gap present in the tech industry, as well as kick-start the careers of emerging tech talent.  After all, owing to the growing use of Service Now’s cloud-based platform, the number of skilled candidates needed to power its initiatives has also gone up. Today, there is a considerable demand for Service Now-skilled people in the market. Revature reviews point out that their valuable partnership helps new entrants in the industry to build the in-demand Service Now skills. It also provides Service Now customers and partners to explore new ways to find and work with Service Now-ready talent.

Being Service Now’s only Authorized Talent Placement Partner, Revature is the perfect source for companies desiring to build their Service Now work force to meet the exact needs of their business. Revature takes out any kind of unpredictability out of tech talent search by providing businesses easy access to tech professionals. These professionals have the skills and training required to make an immediate impact on a business. Revature provides training for Service Now, as well as other technologies in the stack of their enterprise customers. This company has more than a decade of experience in delivering proven results and has trained over 10,000 emerging tech professionals. Revature hires candidates from over 700 universities across the United States, and trains them on skills needed for long-term success in the tech industry.