Invest in the Plywood Cabinet that Lasts A Lifetime

Invest in the Plywood Cabinet that Lasts A Lifetime


Plywood is a combination of thin and fine wooden boards placed together one upon another in layers and glued and pressed together. This material is more durable and lightweight. Though solid wood is stronger than plywood as it is a homogeneous material, it also contracts and expands a lot.

Plywood’s strength depends on the substance used to glue the various layers together. It is stable and doesn’t contract or expand, unlike solid wood. Thus plywoods are a better option for cabinets since they last longer and do not crack or shrink. Plywood is also stronger than normal wood, and no knots appear due to layering.

Benefits of plywood for cabinets

Plywood is considered a superior choice when it comes to cabinets. It ensures longevity since it can hold the screws and various other mechanical fasteners more efficiently as compared to other raw materials. Plywood has high resistance to pulling forces and warping. Thus, they are highly tensile and can bear comparatively more weight.

The plywood is also a low-weight material which makes it a great option for hanging cabinets, and since it is held together by glues, it is resistant to scratches and sharp ends. Plywoods are durable, and the thicker the plywood, the better its quality.

CenturyPly plywoods are moisture resistant, heat resistant, and tear-resistant. They are manufactured as per the guidelines and standards of the industry. Apart from this, some special features that are unique to CenturyPly plywood are Virokill technology, Firewall technology, BWP and BWR grade plywood, years of warranty, and border and termite resistance.

Features of CenturyPly plywood

CenturyPly provides unique features to its users. Following are the features of CenturyPly plywoods

ViroKill Protection:

The ViroKill technology ensures the hygiene and safety of you and your family. This protects you from harmful microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. It is a contact-killing mechanism and unique to CenturyPly plywoods.

Firewall Protection:

Firewall protection means that the plywood is fire-resistant, thus making it a great choice for kitchen furniture, where heat and high temperatures are common.


You know that plywood is made by combining multiple layers of thin wood sheets and is stuck together with adhesive glues which fills up any and all gaps. This prevents the growth of mold or any other microbe within the surface.


CenturyPly comes with a QR that can be scanned by the CenturyPromise app to determine the originality of the product. This means that the plywoods being provided to you are all real and of good quality. They are quality products that you can trust and buy without worrying about being scammed.

Plywoods best suited for cabinets

Following are a variety of plywoods that are best suited for cabinets:-

Sainik 710:

This plywood has a uniform price all across India and costs only Rs 105 per unit(unit = 929, inclusive of GST). It is waterproof plywood that provides high durability, and you can easily store items in cabinets made from this plywood. It is also a good pick for hanging cabinets.

Club Prime:

This plywood has passed 25 tests according to the Bureau of Indian Standards and is highly durable. It is an all-rounder in the field of plywoods and has a warranty of 25 years. Some of its features are firewall protection, ViroKill technology, and high water resistance.

Architect Ply:

This plywood is dense, highly durable, and water resistant. It has Firewall protection and ViroKill technology that make it safe. It has a high warranty and is a good pick for cabinets.


Using plywood can help you create durable cabinet structures that last long and don’t swell or shrink. Plywoods are a better choice since they are more durable, and last a lifetime. CenturyPly is one of the top plywood brands in India. Their plywoods are cost-efficient, with a wide range of options to pick from. So choose your plywood today!

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