How to choose the right drone?

How to choose the right drone?


Who has never wanted to own one of their little flying machines? While most have dreamed of it since childhood, others are just beginning to take an interest in it after seeing what the latest technologies can do. Say goodbye to paper planes, and treat yourself to the drone model that suits you best. Currently, they are used in photography, cinematography, delivery services, or even in rescue operations. If they all incorporate cameras that give us the view of their altitude, there is however a wide variety, all different from the others in terms of performance and design. Before placing an order, there are many features to decipher.

How does a drone work?

In general, drones refer to all small remote-controlled aircraft that are originally intended for military or civilian observation. Their democratization took place in 2010, in parallel with that of the miniaturization of HD cameras. Drones, also called UAVs or ROVs, are constantly evolving, although today they are already capable of prowess in terms of stabilization and image quality. The most successful drones have even succeeded in supplanting the helicopters long used in audiovisual productions. In addition, a cheap drone now allows aeronautical enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts to immortalize spectacular memories of their exploits.

Drones operate relatively like helicopters. Basically, they have propellers (at least four) rotating at high speed to make it take off from the ground. These same propellers, powered by a lithium battery, allow it to navigate at will. To do this, one of them will have a greater rotation and make it rotate on this axis.

Which drone for which use?

Apart from the budgetary aspect, the choice of the drone must entirely depend on the use for which it is predestined. But still, piloting a drone requires a long learning curve so as not to risk damaging the device as soon as it takes off. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt a gradual approach, with relatively cheap and light models. Because no one is safe from a fall due to pilot error , it is better to invest in an inexpensive aircraft, instead of losing a fortune from the start. Depending on your evolution, you can gradually turn to more refined models.

For the drone pilots most seasoned by this passion, there are more efficient models in terms of autonomy, image quality and shock resistance. Admittedly, you will have to pay a lot more than for the budget models, but the images and videos taken are worth it. However, they are recommended for professional use to get a return on investment. However, nothing prevents Instagram influencers from using them to attract more followers.

Many sites offer different drone models. The choice can also be made according to the brand that inspires you the most confidence. The quality of the battery, the hull, and the robustness of the whole is very important when you want a device that lasts.