Committed Christmas: Organizing eco-friendly and sustainable parties

Committed Christmas: Organizing eco-friendly and sustainable parties


How to organize a committed and responsible Christmas while keeping the magic of Christmas? Breakup letters!That’s it, it smells like Christmas, doesn’t.

So yes, Christmas is fast, and for the luckiest among us, it will be a time of joy, celebration, sharing, love… And consumption of all kinds! Between the the gifts, the preparations, etc… It’s not just Santa Claus who will get busy.Many of us are engaged on a daily basis and it’s not always easy to keep up the pace during the high times of the year, such as holidays or Christmas. The constraints during this period are more numerous : We are not necessarily at home, and we cannot impose our way of life on the whole family.🎅 How to organize a responsible Christmas without coming across as the eco-friendly (while remaining polite)

Indeed, how to keep its ethical and ecological values , in front of the uncle accustomed to his foie gras toast, in front of the little cousin who loves to decorate the Christmas tree, in front of her sister who has been looking for several weeks for THE perfect outfit to shine? even more than garlands… Etc.

In this article, you will discover how to keep the magic of Christmas and please your loved ones while organizing an ethical and ecological Christmas.

Have you ever read the 100 breakup letters to unfriendly behavior? Well I was lucky that several little elves worked hard for me, writing me special Christmas breakup letters! This article is divided into 3 parts.3 break-up letters and their alternatives to prepare for the holidays while keeping the magic of Christmas.As long as I can remember, you have been present in my life every year between December 1st and December 25th. Every morning was the ritual. I found you, and I discovered the surprise that you had to reveal to me .You have always been in my life so much that I didn’t even realize what was hiding behind you. I thought you were essential to wait for Christmas… But were you really? No. I don’t need you, and you know what? You’re still damn single use. You, the Classic Advent Calendar, you often find chocolates stuffed with palm oil, or useless plastic figurines. Dear advent calendar, it’s true that you can wait until Christmas. But I will turn to a more ecological alternative. This year, I’m the advent calendar. Every day I’m going to put a piece of clothing in a box that I no longer use, and I’ll donate this box to an association for those who need it. All Classic Advent Calendar,

Elise – 26 years old

How to replace the classic Advent calendar with a more ecological and responsible alternative?

My beautiful fir tree, king of the forests, how it’s obvious, I love you. You smell good. You bring color and nature to my apartment. Yes but here it is. As the song says, you are the king of the forests. Not the king of my living room. It’s selfish to want you in my house, isn’t it? I thought about your plastic cousin, but that one, I really don’t want to hear about. Between you having a big environmental impact when I get rid of you, between him having an even worse impact for making it… It’s not going well at all. My dear friend, you’re a tree (or the other way around?) but this year, I’m going to think about a more ecological alternative. I will try to make you with branches found outside. In addition to a lot of fun with my children, I think that we’ll be proud that you’re homemade, like a lot of things here. Single-use tree or plastic tree, I love you, but I’m leaving you.

Helen, 42 years old

How to replace the tree with a more ecological and responsible alternative?

✨ Make your own tree! To find inspiration, it’s here

✨ Rent your tree thanks to Treezmas ! It will then be replanted in its forest!

Christmas decoration

In the street, in the shops, at the office, at home, oh yes, you contribute to the magic of Christmas! You shine, sparkle, shine with all your colors, your glitter and your lights. You are easy on the eyes, that’s for sure. But in the vast majority of cases, you come from very far away. And your manufacturing conditions … without comment. Does my Christmas magic have to go through the discomfort of whoever makes you? Does my Christmas magic have to go through all this transport you celebrate (#jeudemot) to come to me? Dear Christmas decorations, I don’t need you to have a good time with my loved ones. All this artifice is not necessary. That’s not what counts. I’m sure I can manage to make some cool decorations myself. Christmas decoration,

John, 30 years old

How to replace the Christmas decoration with a more ecological and responsible alternative?

Make your Christmas decoration by giving everyday objects a second life. For inspiration, it’s here , there , or there !

Gifts to give

If I had known, everything would have been different. But they told me you were attractive, like a summer morning breeze, like Santa Claus to children. I thought you were going to open a door to new adventures for me, that you represented modernity and diversity and that you offered me a new, committed way to impact others, wherever they were. In addition, I was convinced that our relationship would not have this harmful and devastating effect on our environment.

But one beautiful fall day, as I was about to ask for your help again, my eyes opened. I can meet them if I want. They are there to answer my questions (and my doubts!), to show me that another path is possible. Simpler, more minimalist, but filled with happiness and incomparable know-how! My heart grows and I look forward to this new adventure, that of… made in France by

How to please your loved ones with gifts that do not destroy the planet?

✨ Offer “Made In France”! This makes it possible to support jobs on our territory, and to save the environmental costs linked to transport. This article is full of great ideas!

✨ Think about local crafts! For example, why not think of Vinibee ? “We created Vinibee with my wife Aude to share our passion for organic, biodynamic and natural wines. We work directly with around a hundred artisan winegrowers. Our packages are made of cardboard and the bottles are wedged with organic cellulose flakes. compostables. We also allow our customers to offset the carbon footprint linked to transport for the benefit of an NGO” To contact them: [email protected]

✨ Give second-hand gifts! The second-hand market is on the rise, and makes it possible to fight against waste, give a second life to items, and also has an economic advantage. For those who like hanging out in stores, there are thrift stores, recycling centers and resource stores … For those who prefer the internet, see you at the next break-up letter!

Giving second-hand gifts is good for the planet, and we must democratize this option! Believe me, soon it will be the shame to offer new ..!

Amazon orders

At the end of the year, your little elves are working hard to satisfy children all over the world. Fast shipments, infinite catalog, affordable prices, it’s all there! And yet, the other side of the coin doesn’t make you shine anymore… Wage exploitation, job destruction, tax evasion, ecocide… You don’t stop shining with your scandals. Christmas is approaching, you will redouble your efforts to satisfy all your customers, addicted to “one click”. From now on, I boycott you. I love you, but I’m leaving you. Farewell Amazon,

How to do your ethical Christmas shopping on the internet?

✨ For orders on the Internet, we can think of momox for books, Vinted for clothes, Le Bon Coin for just about everything…! This not only makes it possible to offer second-hand, but in addition not to move from home. Isn’t life beautiful?

✨ Think about intangible gifts! Things are sometimes less valuable than moments. Why not put on a show? a trip to the spa? a restaurant ?