3 Best fitness outfit for yoga-sessions

3 Best fitness outfit for yoga-sessions


Since downward dog and balancing yoga poses are a challenge on their own, struggling with loose and ill-fitted outfits makes it even harder. This is the reason you should invest in good-quality clothes that are comfortable, flexible, and breathable. Yoga clothes are usually made of polyester-nylon-spandex materials, and fortunately, these fabrics give the right amount of comfort and flexibility. Yoga is done to take away stress and anxiety, with uncomfortable clothes that are itchy, too tight, or too saggy, which can make it even worse. Choosing the right yoga outfit also depends on the type of activity you are performing. Some activities make you sweat a lot as compared to others. If you will be performing any such activity you should opt for an outfit that is breathable and moisture-wicking.

Choosing the right yoga outfit also includes personal preferences, along with the type of yoga you will be performing. Nonetheless, there are some uniform outfits for yoga that make your activities easier and help you during your yoga session.

1. Yoga leggings/pants

Yoga pants could be found on any brand that offers yoga clothing. They are usually available in different lengths and fits. When choosing your yoga outfit be considerate when selecting your yoga pants they should offer a good combination of flexibility and comfort. Leggings made of nylon-polyester-spandex can be a good choice. Since these pants move along with your body and not against it. You can opt for high-rise leggings if you are concerned about coverage. They are most likely not going to expose you during fast practices and downtown dog poses.  Mostly these leggings are found to be in the length of mid-calf to the full leg. To opt for this you can also avail Puma discount code.

2. Yoga Tops

Mostly yoga practitioners prefer t-shirts or tank tops to wear that are form-fitting, as they fit perfectly around the waist and hips. A perfect fit helps to keep the top in place while you are performing poses that need you to bend forward. For sweaty sessions, you should choose shirts that are moisture-wicking and have a soft fabric that lets your skin breathe. You should avoid any tops or tags that can chafe your armpits. There are even yoga tops available with built-in sports bras.  While purchasing your yoga top give it a test run, try to bend and touch your toes in the dressing room. If you feel that there’s a shirt gap at the chest or it is falling over your head, then you should trade it for a tighter shirt.

3. Yoga Shorts

We all love yoga leggings and how they make us feel. Some people even wear them outside of their sessions too. But, during warm weather or hot yoga classes, the full-leg waist-to-ankle leggings could be a little too much and make you feel irritated due to access to sweating and moisture. This is where yoga shorts land. Yoga shorts are pretty flexible. Some brands make these shorts with built-in liners to provide comfort during bendy and stretchy activities. While there are many options available to choose from for yoga shorts, you can also go for biker shorts or even loose gym shorts. Whatever makes you feel motivated and comfortable is the best option anyways.